The real Roman pizza


‘Gusto is also a pizzeria with different areas of the room dedicated to taste our Roman pizza. From the oven the pizza of the Roman master pizza makers, in all possible versions, from the most classic to the new interpretations, all made with top quality raw materials.

The high hydration of the dough, the slow refrigerated leavening and the baking provide the basis for a light and versatile product, which is able to accept the condiments like no other pizza dough.

The wide assortment offered by ‘Gusto will lead your taste buds to the discovery of authentic pizza in a pan in the Roman style, giving you some tasty minutes of absolute pleasure that will allow you to reconcile with the world and appreciate life again.

Nourishing, light, traditional yet always delicious and original. The pizza of ‘Gusto is the gastronomic break that can change your day for the better, offered in a selection of flavors that it is really impossible to resist.

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