Cooking, grill, experience and passion

The kitchen

The Rotisserie is the soul of ‘Gusto, and occupies a large volume from a gastronomic point of view: the rotisserie is used to cook chickens, guinea-fowl, cockerels and piglets. The other half of the fireplace is occupied by the grill for cooking meat, vegetables and cheeses. In the kitchen, the oven bakes Roman pan pizza, bread and cakes, while a set of deep fryers serve up pizzelle, arancini, supplì and battered salted-cod fillets.

Mediterranean roots

The fires for the first and many dishes of eggs and gratin. At the helm the chef for the restaurant area, offers meat and fish dishes, which change three times a year and take inspiration from the Mediterranean roots of the local philosophy. Selected and quality raw materials. A kitchen always attentive to the seasonality of products. The big grill offers every day, steaks, chopped, squid, swordfish … always fresh.

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