The 'Taste of Team Building

Team Building

Working as a team, recognizing one's role and that of others, organizing every aspect in synergy with the members of one's group and collaborating side by side in achieving a common goal, this is the formula of Team Building by 'Gusto, where “doing together” while having fun is possible.

Led by chefs and industry professionals, work colleagues, managers and project groups will be able to experiment through food and wine tours, moments of collaboration and socialization aimed at encouraging sharing and trust, essential factors for teamwork

Tailor-made events

vini cantina gusto

'Taste is one perfect location for organizing corporate team building events, where restaurant, pizzeria and wine bar sit side by side in a continuous architectural space that offers environments suitable for different activities.

From 'Gusto, in fact, the proposal of programs for corporate cooking classes related to food and wine they range from the world of pizza and food to that of wine tasting, even in combination with food, up to mixology. Obviously, for those who request it, it is possible to customize each event according to your needs and business objectives.

gara di pizze tra colleghi

Pizza Cooking Class

The Pizza Cooking Class activities take place in the space dedicated to the pizzeria, an environment reminiscent of an industrial, modern and comfortable factory. Here, each participant will try their hand at making real Roman pizza and other products such as calzones and focaccias. Divided into teams or a single group, each will have a specific role in organizing the activity, from choosing the menu to create, to selecting the raw materials to combine in the condiments, up to the cooking and plating phase.
show cooking

Show Cooking

A fun way to share time and socialize is to participate in cooking shows hosted by professional chefs. During these events, participants are involved in the process of creating a particular recipe, interacting directly with the chef, and then concluding with tasting the dishes prepared in a convivial and cheerful dinner, exchanging opinions and observations.

Wine Team Building

Led by professional winemakers and sommeliers, all participants of this Team Building program, even if inexperienced, will be invited to try their hand at tasting some wines, testing your sensory analysis skills in an informal and cheerful atmosphere. Following this, the sommeliers will explain the qualities and characteristics of the wines being tasted, to find out who has come closest to the correct tasting.
Masterclass champagne

Wine Masterclass

Getting closer to the world of wine, recognize the labels, which are the best Italian vines and the principles of sensory analysis for an informed tasting of the wines being tasted.  A sharing and in-depth experience for team building groups who at the end of the evening will be able to make use of a common background to share and discuss, in addition to the moment of relaxed pleasure given by tasting the excellent wines offered by the 'Gusto cellar, including the best labels of Italian wineries, champagne and Italian sparkling wines. A exclusive masterclass led by high-level professional sommeliers.

bottiglie di vino e liquori

Food and Wine Cooking Class

This team building formula unites the world of cuisine and wine for a complete food and wine experience. The room used for this type of cooking class is always on the first floor of 'Gusto, where participants, following the instructions of the chef and sommelier, will taste a menu paired with a specific wine, selected from the best qualities available in the wine cellar restaurant bar.

cocktail aperitivi

Mixology Team Building

The 'Gusto Wine Bar, equipped with a quality wine cellar and also specialized in cocktail mixology, makes use of the professionalism and creativity of bartenders who during the Mixology Team Building events will explain how prepare excellent cocktails, classic and original, which will also be tasted during the evening together with appetizers and gastronomic proposals. Sitting at the bar counter, the participants of this masterclass will have the opportunity to experience the balance of aromas and flavors of each blend, in a relaxed atmosphere that will put everyone at ease.

gusto ristorante entrata

Personalized Team Building

Each Team Building event can be customized according to the number of participants and the needs of the company, with tailor-made formulas that can include locations, welcome buffet, equipment necessary for carrying out the workshops and professionals specialized in both the food and wine sector and in conducting events aimed at developing the team spirit of corporate groups.