Grill in the center of Rome

Meat and fish grill

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A section of the menu is dedicated to delicious meats cooked on the grill. Not only beef and pork but also fish, seasonal vegetables and cheeses. Fried foods also play a leading role, tempting even the most reticent palates with supplì, arancini, pizzelle and cod fillets

Grilling for real professionals

carne alla griglia

Cooking at grill it is a technique that requires the constant search for balance. As if it were an ancestral alchemy, grilling is the art of mixing together the right distance from the embers with the right cooking time for each type of food, using the heat of the fire to complete the delicious transformation towards those tastes that everyone they recognize, fragrant, tasty, never banal.

Ferrying the smells and above all the flavors through grilling means taking care to cook the food to perfection, respecting its intrinsic characteristics, enhancing their organoleptic and nutritional properties.

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Grill in central Rome

Among grilled meats, the beef – in the classic butcher's cuts, among steakscutHamburger And fillets – together with lamb and chicken; all the meats are carefully selected to guarantee maximum benefits, both in terms of taste and balance on the grill and from a health point of view, precisely because only the best raw materials can truly express themselves at their best when cooking on the grill.

The grilled fish they then offer a further gastronomic dimension to grilling enthusiasts, who can find the most traditional typical dishes at 'Gusto, such as grilled calamari, in addition to the most original and appetizing ideas, such as sliced tuna or grilled scampi.