Good morning is 'Gusto

Delicatessen café

te e biscotti gusto

The café has a well-defined personality and is, perhaps, among the most connotative architectural elements. The large horseshoe-shaped desk, positioned in the room Belle Epoque, communicates with the inside but also with the outside of the room, thanks to the opening overlooking the church of S.Apollinare.

It is here that the bartenders express themselves from the aperitif until late at night, but - during the day - tea, herbal teas, coffee come out from this station, accompanied by homemade cakes and desserts and small sandwiches. During the day, in fact, comfortably seated on the beautiful elegantly colored sofas, or on the square, guests can stop for a quick coffee or for a break longer, perhaps reading newspapers and books.

Hot pancakes, tarts, cakes, cups of fresh fruit, homemade biscuits, but also small snacks for savory lovers, accompany hot drinks, juices and centrifuges.