Tradition in the kitchen

The gastronomic formula of the new 'Gusto restaurant respects and strengthens the choices made in 1998, drawing inspiration from the gastronomic heritage of the Bel Paese, with attention to cooking, the selection of raw materials, the pairings with wines, for the approximately 300 seats between interior and outdoor area. A restaurant in the historic center of Rome unique and multifaceted.

rigatoni all'amatriciana

From morning to late evening

From early morning with breakfast, through lunch, snack, dinner, after dinner and weekend brunch, the staff welcomes guests with the main objective of creating an informal atmosphere but with attention to detail. Street food and rotisseries, emporiums of Italian specialities, are the variations ready to conquer even the most demanding palates.

Private dinners and parties

The flexibility of the 'Gusto space allows the organization of private and corporate dinners, birthdays and business lunches. The kitchen creates ad hoc menus based on the most diverse customer needs.

cena di laurea

Over 350 wine labels

There cellar includes more than 350 labels divided into sparkling wines, whites, reds, passito or meditation wines. A sensorial journey to discover culture, scents, sensations. The paper pays homage to the companies that have made the history of wine, without forgetting, however, the small, interesting, new wine-growing realities and the producers who work in agriculture biological And biodynamic.
From the super Tuscans, in the heart of the Langhe, to the sunny vines of central and southern Italy, you can taste our wines divided by region, cru, grape variety or processing, also traveling to the rest of the wine world. Not only champagne but also fine Italian bubbles, passito and meditation wines.
vini cantina gusto

Roman cuisine

The cuisine takes inspiration from the Italian heritage in all its regional variations and specificities but, naturally, with a more attentive eye to Lazio recipes. Among the first courses, the great classics cannot be missing: Amatriciana, Carbonara, Cacio e Pepe made "to order" and with the use of selected raw materials. The involvement of small producers from Lazio ensures the dishes have the authenticity they deserve. Among the second courses, meatballs, lamb ribs styled with fingerlings, Roman-style saltimbocca, rooster with rosemary, and - among the side dishes - the Giudia-style and Roman-style artichoke stands out.
team building aziende

Team building

Personalized Team Building programs for corporate work groups, with food and wine tours linked to the world of food, wine and mixology.