Dinner paired with Keynco bottled cocktails

cena degustazione con cocktail

'Gusto at 28 celebrates the arrival of a new chef, and a new team, with an event organized in collaboration with K Keynco. Wednesday 30 May drinKitchen, will combine the flavors of the dishes with those of the drinks. But the real novelty will be in the glass. In fact, bottled cocktails will be served at the table, ready to be enjoyed.

This is the Keynco project: not simple bottled cocktails but an expressive form, made of blends rich in a wealth of empirical knowledge: seven recipes born from tradition and twisted in a new way, bottled in glass with a Sardinian cork stopper, for a correct maintenance and aging.

Waiting, time, patience are the fundamental ingredients of these cocktails, but spices, herbs and essential oils also play a fundamental role.

Seven balances for different palates, ready to be drunk.

Dinner menu for May 30th and pairings:

Mi To
Garden chips with yogurt and chive sauce

Crispy guinea fowl with Sicilian orange mayonnaise

Veal tartare with tuna sauce and dehydrated capers

Raviolini with braised sausage and burrata, with turnip top sauce

Old Fashioned
Grilled beef brisket with sprout salad

Gin Martini
Lemon sorbet

Gianduia mousse with peanuts and salt flakes

Wednesday 30 May, 8.30pm.

Price: 35.00 euros

For info and reservations: 06/68134221