A glass of wine will help you love the Roman summer

wine bar roma

With thirty degrees even in the evening and the heat accumulated during the day it is definitely too hot to stay indoors. Especially in a very hot summer like this. But in Rome, too cold temperatures are never expected, so the summer climate very often invites you to stay outside, have a chat with friends at a bar table or take a walk in the centre. Accompany summer evenings with a good glass of wine then it helps to relax, release the tensions of the day and indulge in some pleasure in a typically freer and more carefree moment of the year. With your mind set on holidays out of town or simply days off, you can take advantage of one Emptier Rome and livable to spend in 'Gusto wine bar and take your time. You will see that the hot Roman summer will immediately be more pleasant for you and staying in the heart of Campo Marzio will win you over.

The relaxed and fun atmosphere of the 'Gusto wine bar

Relax and make yourself comfortable in one of the two rooms of our wine bar. You can sit at the counter in the room where the bartender prepares the cocktails or sit at one of the tables in the nearby room where modern black and white furnishings mix with style with pieces from the early 1900s and where you can also enjoy music on the right evening live and DJ sets. A style industrial chic which will immediately make your evening pleasant. Or if you prefer you can sit outside in our outdoor and savor the experience of a wine selected for you there in the splendid setting of downtown Rome. You can range between the wine cellar and the cocktail bar and if you are undecided, our expert and professional bartenders will take care of you.

Our wide selection of wines

Calmly decide which wine you want to taste. The choice is vast white and red, wines by the glass And labels. They range from the most famous and important wines to the lesser-known ones because they are made by carefully selected small producers. Ask our bartender for advice if you are inexperienced and don't know what to head towards and be inspired if he also suggests some cocktail classic or more creative. From 'Gusto we use spices and botanicals of high quality that vary according to the season and are therefore always different (do you want to find out which ones are summer?), we do home syrups made for cocktails and we also have a great one choice of gin tonic to pair with our spices. Every solution to make your Roman evening fresh and pleasant and make you love even the hot summer nights in the city. We are open every day, come and visit us, you will not be disappointed.