Where to eat traditional Roman cuisine?

alici fritte

A tour of Rome cannot be considered complete without trying the specialties of traditional cuisine. Stop in a small one Tavern, have a chat with the manager and the waiters, get some typical dishes recommended and if it's a nice day enjoy the sun sitting outdoors. To eat there genuine and quality cuisine you have to know how to choose the right place. Not too touristy, sometimes a little off the beaten track, other times right in the heart of the city and trusting the experience that is often passed down from generation to generation in family-run taverns.

Traditional Roman cuisine dishes

Do you know what you should look for if you feel like eating typical Roman cuisine? Better to go prepared to know right away what to choose and savor the true essence of Romanism. The queen – the first thing that comes to everyone's mind – is undoubtedly pasta carbonara. But what about the cheese and black pepper, from the gricia or a nice plate of tomato and bacon? We all agree on the former but a nice Roman lunch should start with fried cod fillets as a delicious appetizer. And the seconds? Well the choice is huge! Giudia style artichokes, lamb chops or grilled lamb, oxtail, Roman tripe with mint and pecorino, pajata cooked whole or used to flavor a sauce, Roman saltimbocca, Chicken With Peppers, mixed vegetables like broad beans, peas, artichokes and pecorino, punterelle or romanesco broccoli accompanied by pasta or a soup made in arzilla broth if we are in the winter season.

The Roman taverns

You can find all these delicacies in Roman taverns. Here we usually focus more on the quality of the food than on aesthetics. The environment is simple and unpretentious, you relax by taking time and thinking more about maintain tradition than to innovate with particular dishes. The dishes to choose from are few and often fixed on the days of the week. And, a not irrelevant detail, you usually spend little or at least the right amount to enjoy typical foods from times gone by which can now be found in few places. The right tavern is usually discovered by word of mouth or simply by walking with your eyes open in the heart of Rome and in the most hidden corners.

The Gusto tavern with its menu of typical Roman dishes

Taking a walk in the center of Rome, among the beauty of Piazza del Popolo, the Pincio, Piazza Navona, the Pantheon and the infinite series of wonders that the city reserves for you, you will certainly want to eat some typical Roman specialties. If you find yourself passing by Via del Corso all you need to do is take a small detour towards Piazza Augusto Imperatore to find the tavern that's right for you and satisfy your appetite. In our menu you will find many specialties of Roman cuisine made with excellent quality raw materials and genuine ingredients. Your mouth will water just scrolling through the alternatives. Between fried there are cod fillets, breaded anchovies and stuffed courgette flowers. Between first you will find homemade tonnarelli cacio e pepe, rigatoni all'amatriciana, carbonara or gricia. Between seconds as a typical dish of Roman cuisine you will find lamb chops and a wide choice of meatballs: classic with sauce but also with aubergines and mint, with chickpeas or cod. Every day from 12.30pm until half past midnight, any time is the right time to stop by 'Gusto and take a step back to discover the true Roman culinary tradition.