The square

Over 100 tables and a French brasserie-style setup overlook Palazzo Altemps and the church of San Apollinare, a few meters from Piazza Navona and its masterpieces, and give customers the opportunity to enjoy the best baroque show that Rome can offer.

esterno ristorante gusto

The magic of the surroundings

We are in the Ponte district, fifth of Rome, right in front of the basilica of S. Apollinare, founded around 780, and Palazzo Altemps today home to the National Roman Museum, which houses masterpieces of ancient sculpture that come from the collections of important noble families, incredible archaeological collections, up to ancient engravings and marbles. A few steps away, the imposing Renaissance church of Sant'Agostino houses the Madonna di Loreto, also known as the Madonna dei Pellegrini, one of Caravaggio's best-known works.

dintorni ristorante gusto

Historic Rome

Just cross the street to be struck by the beauty of Piazza Navona. A show capable of literally leaving you breathless. What used to be the Domitian Stadium still retains its powerful baroque beauty, world-famous architectural and sculptural elements. The iridescent white of the marbles multiplies with the blue of the sky and makes the beauty of the palaces, fountains, churches, obelisks and statues even more impressive. After an excellent meal at 'Gusto, a 5-minute walk will reveal the wonders of historic Rome, between the characteristic Piazza Pasquino, and then Piazza Campo dei Fiori, Piazza Farnese, the ancient streets and alleys, along which the amazement will be continuous .