The chef's recipe: Maccheroncini all'amatriciana

piatto di maccheroncini amatriciana

It can be considered as the tomato version of gricia, but amatriciana is never an alternative. Those who choose it do so for its strong character and unique taste that distinguishes it among the first courses of the Roman tradition, especially if well prepared. Among the raw materials we find bacon and pecorino, fundamental for the first courses typical Roman dishes, but with a few more ingredients to accentuate the flavors. Let's see what they are and how they come together in his original recipe.

Range: first
People: 4
Difficulty: low

400 gr Maccheroncini pasta factory Rummo (Benevento)
200 gr Guanciale Ancient Falorni butcher's shop Greve in Chianti (Florence)
n. 20 Piennolo cherry tomatoes
150 g Pecorino romano
dry white wine
Chili pepper to taste

Prepare the bacon by removing the rind and cutting it into strips.

Heat the bacon in a pan over a low heat, where it will release its fat. Once the bacon has become crispy, add a little dry white wine and let it evaporate.

Once the smell of alcohol has disappeared, add some chilli pepper and the Piennolo cherry tomatoes cut in half or mashed with a fork. Leave to cook for 7/8 minutes, while the macaroni is cooked in a pile of boiling, lightly salted water.

Once ready and well drained, add the pasta to the pan with the bacon and cherry tomatoes, leave to flavor for another two minutes before stirring in the pecorino.

Chef's advice: Always mix the seasonings with the pecorino with the heat off to prevent the overcooked cheese from creating lumps and annoying filaments.