The Pantheon: from a pagan monument to a Christian place

i9nterno pantheon a roma e cupola

TO 6 minute walk to the restaurant, there is one of the most visited monuments of all time: the Pantheon. It seemed more than right to dedicate an article to him with some useful information.

The Pantheon it is one of the oldest and most spectacular monuments in the world. Built in 27 a.m. C. at the behest of Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa and to be the temple of all gods (Pantheon in Greek means of all the gods) in a still pagan Rome it became later symbol of Western Christianity.

The only building that has survived the passing of the centuries and which gives us the unit of measurement of what the majesty of ancient Rome could have been. The Pantheon is also synonymous with architectural perfection, the entire structure can be inscribed inside a sphere with a portal on the splendid dome that ideally connects the earth to the sky. A suggestion that never ceases to impress millions of tourists who cross the threshold every day.

entrata pantheon

What to absolutely see in the Pantheon

The Pantheon is not just an enormous building that encloses a stately and solemn space, within its walls we find the most representative collection of ancient art that cannot be missed as well as the details of some architectural elements which in themselves are worth the visit and characterize the monument as a religious symbol and as an example of what man is capable of doing. So the dome, which maintained the lead of largest in the world until 1436, the year in which Brunelleschi created his famous and unsurpassed dome in Florence. This incredible structure for its time and also for ours, has an appreciable value both as a whole and in the detail of theopening in the center. About an eye 9 meters which filters the rays of the sun at the zenith and which indicate, by touching, the large 7 meter bronze access portal, creating one of the most evocative atmospheres inside. For this reason it is defined as "Solar Temple” and there are many hypotheses that highlight the relationships between architectural choices they stars.

tempio solare o cupola del pantheon a roma

Inside the Temple as well as 16 monolithic columns we find 7 niches each of which hosts the most important pagan deities.

The Pantheon also acquired the role of mausoleum for prominent figures of the past, in fact inside there are the Raphael's tombs And Annibali Carracci, to name two of the most illustrious. Of no less historical and symbolic importance is the tomb of Vittorio Emanuele II, next to which the fresco by Melozzo da Forlì stands out for its importance and beauty.

In short, visiting the Pantheon means doing something journey to ancient Rome which at that time was the heart of the culture and power of the known world, an open book that tells the story of men and cultures that have followed one another over the centuries.

Pantheon: opening hours

The pantheon is accessible for free without a ticket and it is open every day and it is possible to visit it during the hours included between 9:00 and 19:00. Last admission at 6.30pm. It remains closed during major holidays, therefore Christmas Day, January 1st and August 15th.

Do you need a reservation to visit the Pantheon?

To visit the Pantheon you don't need any reservations and entry is free. However, there are many services guided tours accessible by reservation which, in most cases, require a financial contribution to support the organization offering it. You can also rely on multimedia solutions such as audio guides (€7), video guides, radio guides to be managed independently and dedicated apps to download and consult directly from your smartphone.