White Russian and Black Russian. Story of two cocktails that were not born in Russia

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Although the adjective could be misleading, these two cocktail, The White Russian and the black Russian, were not born in Russia, but in Belgium.
In reality, it is not known which of the two was created first, the fact is that they are the result of the creativity of a Belgian barman, Gustave Tops, who created this cocktail in 1949 at the Hotel Metropole in Brussels in honor of Mesta Pearls, the then American ambassador to Luxembourg.

The black Russian It owes its name to its basic ingredients: vodka, the traditional Russian spirit, and to the dark color given by the coffee liqueur. The White Russian, on the other hand, has both vodka and the light color given by the cream.
Five parts of vodka and two of Coffee Liquor (The Kahlua Mexican, la Tia Maria, of Mexican origin or, in the absence of these, in the Italian version, the Borghetti coffee): these are the indications for the Black Russian.

Same doses but with the addition of cream liquid previously whipped with the shaker or, alternatively, of milk, as regards the White Russian which, having a delicate and sweet flavour, despite the non-negligible alcohol content (generally around 20% vol), can also be served as a dessert.

Both must be prepared directly in one of those beautiful glasses old fashion called rocks glass or tumbler.
The black Russian can be decorated with Lemon peel. No decorations for the White Russian, which shouldn't even be mixed, but if anything served with a short straw to be able to mix it while sipping it slowly.

Many variations of the black Russian, such as for example theAustralian Black Russian or Colorado Bulldog, served in long drink glasses with added cola, and the Black magic, with a few drops of lemon juice and garnished with lemon peel. And there are also many variations of White Russian, such as White Canadian, with goat's milk and White Cuban, with rum instead of vodka.

Last curiosity about these two cocktail which can be enjoyed at cocktail bar 'Gusto at 28: The White Russian it is the favorite drink of the protagonist of the cult film The Big Lebowski and also the title of a piece of music by Marillon, British prog rock band, active since the late seventies.

Now that you know everything (or almost) about these two famous cocktails, all you have to do is come to 'Gusto to try our version...
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