The taste of the Wok. Sauteed vegetables with noodles, meat or fish

noodles con verdure saltate in wok

The wok is a pan typical of Chinese and Cantonese cuisine, with a hemispherical shape and conical bottom, used for cooking pasta (classic Chinese noodles), vegetables, meat and fish. A pan that can also be used for different types of cooking, i.e. for boiling, frying and steaming.

The versatility that distinguishes this pan has made it increasingly famous and used in Italy too, where, alongside the taste and methods of traditional local cuisine, the taste and culinary habits of oriental cuisine have also grown.

The major use of the wok is for cooking vegetables sautéed in boiling oil. It is quick and tasty cooking because the vegetables, cut into sticks, are sautéed for a few minutes on a high flame and blended with soy sauce, for a crunchy and tasty result. Vegetables that can be eaten as an appetizer or as a side dish, and which can also be served in a single dish with noodles, meat and fish.

Which vegetables are best suited for wok cooking?

There are no particular restrictions in the choice of vegetables to use for wok cooking, but we can say that usually, for dishes prepared with this pan, the following are preferred: carrots, courgettes (only the external part), bean sprouts, cabbage hood, spring onion and pepper. In the absence of bamboo shoots or Chinese mushrooms, button mushrooms can be added.

'Gusto's proposal of wok-fried vegetables

The restaurant 'Gusto, since its origins, has welcomed, alongside the tradition of Italian cuisine, gastronomic proposals and habits from other cultures. Witnessing the fact that he was the first in Rome to propose the brunch Anglo-Saxon as an alternative for Sunday lunch. Today on the 'Gusto menu you can also find various dishes cooked in a wok. Among these we find: sautéed vegetables and noodles, sautéed vegetables with noodles and beef, or chicken, or salmon. In addition to soy sauce, to blend each dish, the ginger wine.

Cook with a Wok for a lunch in the center of Rome

Choose one of wok proposals by 'Gusto, means choosing a single, complete dish, ideal for a hot and quick lunch, suitable for those who are in the center of Rome for work reasons, near Via del Corso, and want to stop to eat something light but tasty. Not only that, because the raw materials used by the 'Gusto kitchen are always selected and of the highest quality, and those who love the taste of oriental cuisine can find the certainty of a genuine and careful cuisine here in the choice of the best products.