Macchiato, by the glass and in a large cup. Because espresso for breakfast is no longer enough for us

caffè espresso

Once upon a time there was a world where you went to a bar to simply drink a coffee. All you had to do was lean on the counter and say “un expressed” and relax and have a chat with the bartender. Today, however, the concept of espresso seems reductive to us, our tastes have changed and we have become more demanding (and we are often in a rush). Maybe it's just fashions coming from overseas. Large chains like Starbucks, for example, offer customers countless choices and combinations of coffee and cappuccino to go. Maybe instead we have all become more creative…

What is certain is that a coffee made to perfection does not actually require much sophistication. Its taste and the aroma it releases are delicious even if the cup in which it is served is absolutely not perfect. But times change and so do habits.

The infinite ways to drink coffee

For a few years now, spending time in a bar has almost been a sociological experiment. Every customer who enters has his own preferences and very clear ideas on how he wants to enjoy his cup of coffee and a simple espresso is no longer enough in most cases. Indeed, those who ask it seem almost strange. There are those who want it stained: with a drop of hot or cold milk that is added to the coffee as is to create a sort of mini cappuccino. There are those who order it foamed, i.e. similar to the Macchiato one but with the addition of steamed milk foam instead of milk. There is no shortage of those who want the Moroccan, i.e. a foamed coffee with the addition of cocoa powder, or a corrected coffee, i.e. an espresso to which a drop of sambuca or grappa is generally added. Then there are the decaffeinated, long, short, double coffee or even the barley coffee which, however, actually has very little coffee in it. Let's not forget those who feel a big difference between drinking the coffee in the ceramic cup, in a large cup or a small cup or in a glass shot glass.

Glass or ceramic: a matter of choices

Breakfast at the bar in the morning therefore already seems like a moment of 'great choices'. The infinite variations are above all a question of personal tastes and preferences which also depend on the area of Italy in which you live. However, there are some differences between coffee in a ceramic cup and coffee in a glass practical differences. According to experts, the conical glass cup would be able to preserve the taste and aroma of the coffee and the compactness of the cream for longer. Furthermore, it has an aesthetic effect because it allows you to admire its dark color and the warm, golden surface tending towards hazelnut, with a pleasure that starts right from the start. visual level. Coffee in glass also cools more quickly (which is an advantage and a disadvantage depending on your point of view) while coffee in ceramic maintains the temperature for longer, so it can be sipped for longer. True coffee purists choose only ceramic cups and do not allow variations on tradition.

We cannot say in absolute terms whether coffee in a glass or in a cup, a latte or a Moroccan is better. They remain fundamental for drinking a coffee that gives satisfaction and helps you start your day in the best possible way quality and goodness of the mixture. Everyone has their own taste preferences which don't hurt anyone but certainly put the speed and patience of the bartenders to the test in the morning at breakfast!

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