Cooking with the grill: lightness and flavor without compromises

polletto alla griglia con patate gusto

When we talk about grill cooking the first image that comes to mind is probably linked to an outdoor barbeque with friends on a summer day. A serene context in which food is a tasty accompaniment to chatting and relaxation. In fact, there are few who do not love the appetizing, soft and crunchy flavor at the same time that this type of cooking offers. We usually put various types of meat on the grill such as sausages, chicken, beef and pork burgers which we then eat on a plate or accompanied by a sandwich and some sauce. But grilling does not just mean barbeque or even just meat: fish and vegetables they are other foods that are excellent cooked in this way and represent an excellent alternative to the classic preparation in the oven or in a pan.

When cooking fish and meat simultaneously, it is important to avoid contamination between the foods. Exactly for this reason the restaurant 'Taste uses two separate grills for cooking meat and fish. An important measure to best satisfy both fishermen, who see their product valued, and true grilled meat enthusiasts.

High temperatures and precautions – Grilling can take place on charcoal, wood, gas or electricity, however at very high temperatures (between 1100° and 7000°). Our restaurant uses only top quality wood, carefully selected from the best wood for embers in relation to the suppliers' availability. It's a quick preparation and only apparently very simple: maintain the right temperature for the type of food that you have chosen and measuring the time it should be left on the grill is not child's play, even if many believe the opposite. The temperature could in fact be too high for a thin slice of meat but too low for a thick and full-bodied slice which would therefore be insufficiently cooked. It is best to cook large pieces of meat with low heat and slowly, while for small ones it is better to use high temperatures and cook quickly. Much of the skill in cooking with this method is however given by the practice and fromexperience. The more you grill, the better the food will be.

The ideal cooking for fish and vegetables – Cooking on the grill enhances the organoleptic characteristics of foods and things preserves some nutrients which would otherwise be lost during very long cooking. Furthermore, this mode results in lighter cooking because no condiments and sauces are added. Some types of meat release a good amount of fat during cooking, thus making them leaner, while it must be said that in other cases the high cooking temperature causes the fats contained in the food to degrade, making them heavy to digest and toxic. The parts where burns form are also at risk. Certain cuts of meat are therefore perfect and tasty to cook on the grill but it is always better to avoid eating them too often and in any case accompany them with plenty of water to drink and lots of vegetables. Vegetables and fish are perfect to cook with this method, as the most "burnt" surface layer can be removed, guaranteeing all the flavor and lightness of the food. Grilled fish and vegetables are very appetizing, light and tasty.

Many tasty solutions – In addition to the classic grilled sausages, frankfurters or burgers, grilled peppers, courgettes, aubergines or tomatoes are also an evergreen that is always appreciated and tasty. Many types of fish are at their best cooked in this way: sea bream, sea bass, sea bass just to name a few but also crustaceans such as prawns or grilled scampi are a delicacy. You can also quickly pass the fruit on hot irons: for example melon or pineapple cooked in this way have a very particular exotic taste. There are many solutions for enjoying this type of cooking which makes food tasty and light, you just need to respect some precautions and leave room for imagination.