The events and exhibitions of the Ara Pacis in 2017. Some excellent excuses to come and visit us

Ara Pacis Roma

Visiting for the first time, established tourists and city lovers but also residents of Rome. Every reason is good to include a stop at the Capitoline tourAra Pacis. Yes, that grandiose white building with a majestic air that can be seen along the Tiber and which perfectly combines imposing antiquity and minimalist modernity after the intervention of the American architect Richard Meier. The altar was built in 9 BC to celebrate the pax Augustea, that is, the peace in the Mediterranean area obtained thanks to the victories of the emperor Augustus in the campaigns in Spain and Gaul and is still today a fascinating testimony to Rome's grandiose past. There first Sunday of the month it's a greedy occasion because the ticket is free for residents but in any case being in Rome it's a shame not to take the opportunity to take a tour or see an exhibition or one of the many events that are organized within the Ara Pacis. Let's see what we can see in the coming months.

Exhibitions at Ara Pacis 2017

“Spartacus. Slaves and masters of Rome”. Every day from 9am to 7.30pm until September 17th you can participate in an evocative story made up of archaeological finds and audio and video installations to feel inside the voices and sounds of imperial Rome at the time of slavery. Thanks to the work of set designers, architects, directors and archaeologists, the exhibition is an interesting leap back in time to discover the role of slaves (around 6-10 million) in the economy, organization and corporate structure of ancient Rome. Everything starting from the great revolt led by the most famous of slaves, Spartacus, between 73 and 71 BC and then following in a journey that unfolds in 11 sections.

“With the casts of the Sorgente Group Foundation, the dynasty of Augustus is reunited at the Ara Pacis museum”. Until December 31st during the opening hours of theAra Pacis from 9am to 7.30pm you can get to know Augustus' family up close by admiring the plaster casts of his grandchildren belonging to the Giulio Claudia gens and destined for the imperial succession. The casts - an important historical-artistic testimony - complete the series that had already been exhibited in 2006 again thanks to funding from the Sorgente Foundation and are a precious testimony of the Augustan era.

“Hokusai. In the footsteps of the master”. From 12 October 2017 to 14 January 2018 there will be a very interesting exhibition on the works of the Japanese artist Hokusai. Active between the end of the eighteenth century and the mid-nineteenth century, he specialized in the production of images "of the floating world" (ukiyoe in Japanese) made up of landscapes, animals, flowers, warriors, ghosts and other elements of magical and mystical nature. In a journey of around 200 works, Hokusai's production will be explored and the influence he exerted on other Japanese artists of the time will be explored.

The events at the Ara Pacis in 2017

“The Ara as it was. An augmented reality story of the Ara Pacis museum”. This event which began in October 2016 will continue for a long time (until 25 October 2019) and is enjoying enormous success with the public. Until October 30, 2017 it is open every evening to allow an exciting and engaging visit even at night virtual and augmented reality (thanks to a mix of computer graphics, virtual and real elements) in the ancient Campus Martius where you can immerse yourself in the origins of the Ara Pacis and its original colors guided by Augustus.

Taking a walk past the Ara Pacis feeling peckish before or after seeing one of the period exhibitions, you don't even need to wonder where to go to eat. 'Gusto is a perfect stop for a breakfast at our cafeteria and thus start off on the right foot, for a quick snack based on Romana pizza, fried or cheeses of various kinds or for a tasty aperitif at our cocktail bar. But it is also the right place to enjoy a more leisurely lunch or dinner specialties of the Roman tradition And gourmet foods.

Ristorante Gusto
The Ara Pacis seen from the 'Gusto restaurant.