Out-of-meal items: when speed doesn't sacrifice elegance

Oggettistica dei fuori pasto

We have hectic lives and we approach food more and more quickly and in a fragmented way, however we rarely give up small breaks of pleasure, the so-called 'between meals': a hunger-busting snack at the bar during the morning, an afternoon snack with a friend based on tea and delicious pastries perhaps during the weekend or an aperitif with colleagues after a long day at work. Often, even during official occasions, food is consumed in the form of a buffet or quick dinner. On all these occasions, however, it is It is important that speed does not mean carelessness or little attention to detail. Indeed, objects linked to the world of out-of-meal meals are in many cases also a real delight. Have you noticed?

Managers of restaurants, cafés or pubs and designers are using them with increasing frequency nice, original and trendy objects to contain canapés, biscuits, mini sandwiches, breadsticks, peanuts, small muffins, canapés, finger food and other foods that we typically consume outside of regular meals. Each container from largest to smallest it is designed to be elegant and refined. It will certainly have happened to you during an aperitif to drink your cocktail in a preserve jar decorated with a colored straw, to take some finger food with stylized animal-shaped forks or crisps from designer buckets. And you will also have happened to pay attention to the style of the objects if you organize a snack or aperitif at home because simple, monochromatic and slightly banal plastic forks and plates are no longer enough.


Whether it's a snack, a snack or an aperitif, elegance is therefore spreading more and more even in the speed of between meals. The moment ofaperitif among glasses, goblets, corkscrews, shakers, trays, trays and bottles it is among other things a moment of conviviality and joy with attention to the smallest details since the Belle Époque and has become increasingly fashionable over the years until it became widespread nowadays our happy hour andaperitif. Who among us has never done one? But "between meals" is also an example snack with tea and sweets: a moment that has now become refined and elegant with closed tea or herbal tea cups, saucers of various shapes and colours, designer teaspoons, sugar bowls with particular and stylized shapes, infusers and kettles made with style.

It doesn't necessarily have to be a traditional meal so there can be elegance, taste and attention to detail. It is often precisely in the "mini" format that we dare more and put greater care and attention on the objects to which we dedicate our moment of break and relaxation in the company of food. Eating something quick and not very formal does not in fact equate to sacrificing the elegance of the utensils that accompany the "out of meal" and allows you to eat in a refined and pleasant context.

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