When you say Pata Negra…

pata negra il prosciutto

When we say Pata Negra We immediately think of the Spanish ham par excellence and the mouth waters immediately and the desire to savor its fine taste comes immediately. In reality “Pata Negra” is a common but improper term since it would be more correct to talk about ham (“Jamon”) Iberian declined in its tasty varieties. The substance however is that the quality of this product which is a source of pride for Spain is very high and is a pleasure for the palate and the sense of smell.Generally speaking, yes Jamon Iberian is a type of ham that comes from the crossing of two specimens which at a genetic level are at least 50% of the Iberian breed (in order to be able to distinguish it from Jamon serrano). Strictly with the term Pata Negra, following the new classification of 2015, we can only mean a type of ham that respects specific parameters of pig breed and diet. The classification of Iberian hams is based on the purity of the pig and the way in which it is fed, in particular the quantity of acorns it eats. With the new rules, the Recebo, obtained from pigs raised on pasture and fed with herbs and natural feed, has been abolished and additional supplements have been added to allow it to reach the optimal weight.

  • We have the Cebo. Obtained from pigs that are not purebred but crossed with other breeds, raised on the farm and fed with cereals and legumes.
  • Then there is the Cebo Campo. Also in this case a product deriving from a non-pure breed pig, crossed with other breeds. The pig is raised in freedom and feeds on cereals and legumes.
  • We then arrive at Bellota. Product obtained from non-pure-breed pigs, crossed with other breeds but raised in freedom and fed on acorns (in Spanish “bellota”).
  • Finally there is the highest quality ham, the 100% Pure Iberian Bellota (that is, the Pata Negra). A ham made from certified pure breed 100% pigs reared in freedom and fed on acorns (bellota). It is precisely the acorns, rich in oleic acid, which penetrate the fat of the animals and make this ham a special food with a unique flavor that melts in the mouth.

    You can then call Pata Negra only hams belonging to this last valuable category, i.e. quality ones 100% Pure Iberian Bellota coming from pure pigs at 100%. In this case all the extraordinary taste of this will be ensured nutritious product, easily digestible and rich in beneficial properties for health, including 'good cholesterol'. Accompanied by a slice of good bread and a glass of quality wine, it guarantees you a complete and delicious sensorial experience that you can try it from 'Taste, sitting in a comfortable and welcoming environment. In the variegated menu of our restaurant in fact there is also a Jamòn de Bellota 100% Iberian chopping board, the prized Pata Negra.

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