A restaurant with real Roman cuisine? It's called a tavern

gusto osteria

You want a real Capitoline who knows well what is Roman and what is not, you want a tourist who would like to find everything that has its roots in such an ancient and important culture: everyone in Rome expects to be able to enjoy traditions, also in the gastronomic field.

A tradition, the Roman one, which has extended over time and has maintained itself, sincere and tasty, even in eating habits, with simple proposals, made with few but tasty ingredients.

Roman cuisine does little and has done little over time to move away from the scents of the past and from that convivial and friendly way of enjoying genuine foods and dishes with a strong flavour, starting from the typical bases for first courses , from bacon to pecorino romano with pepper.

Strong flavours, which do not remain so true and authentic in the excellent "luxury" gastronomic re-elaborations of starred restaurants, and which both Romans and tourists can find only where the character of the real thing has been kept as unchanged as possible Roman cuisine: L'Tavern.

It is only here, in the taverns, that the flavors of the Roman tradition can be found, not only providing a suggestive backdrop to excellent cacio e pepe, carbonara, typical cod, rolls and meatballs, but which also bring tradition back to the customs and atmospheres of the original and evocative taverns of the past, where the it was the family one, where the owners acted as custodians of recipes handed down from generation to generation and were happy to have a chat with the customer at the end of the meal. Taverns from which one left satisfied without spending much, eating what the market stalls and the kitchen had offered that day.

Yes, the most appropriate location for true Roman cuisine remains the tavern, with classic recipes and traditional cuisine that today, in a architectural frame most suited to our current aesthetic and practical tastes and with one more accurate presentation of dishes, can continue to be offered only by those who choose to draw from tradition in the most direct way possible, finding a balance between tradition and modernity, reinterpreting the cuisine starting from the typical elements and preparations, with ingredients that respect authenticity and typicality.

This is our philosophy at 'Gusto Osteria, with which we started by offering our customers "the truest" of the Roman cuisine tradition and which we are convinced that we want to continue to propose, in the heart of our city, in the name of quality and of tradition.