Culture and entertainment in the same glass. The winery as a meeting place

vineria luogo dincontro gusto

Since the origins of its use, the great symbolic value of wine meant that it was consumed in company. In ancient Greece, the symposium (from the Greek σύν «with» and πόσις «drink») indicated the meeting of friends who, after dinner, dedicated themselves to drinking wine and talking. Plato, among others, is one of the voices that has best allowed us to understand the importance of wine in meeting and conviviality situations in ancient Greece.

Wine has always been at the center of social practices. Today, of course, its consumption is very different from that of 2500 years ago, but the sense of community that often occurs among people who choose to drink in company does not disappear a good glass. This is an important element, particularly in our culture, which is able to positively impact the quality of life in terms of emotions, interests and sociability.

In this sense, the most modern wine shops and wineries are changing their approach and their form towards customers, moving from places where you can find the best labels to real social spaces where you don't just buy a good wine, but come into contact with passions, stories and narratives relating to this complex and fascinating world. In short, the cultural characteristics of a wine shop are proving to be important factors of transformation: the guests who are welcomed there increasingly expect to enter a place where they can sit, consult guides and talk about wine with other interested people.

A good wine is always good, but as enthusiasts well know, the same product takes on different nuances depending on the place and occasion in which it is tasted. A bottle tasted at 'Taste at 28, chosen from more than two hundred labels, promises an intimate moment of exploration, made of culture and sensitivity: the ideal place to try a meditation wine.

The Wine Bar by 'Gustoinstead, it is a space in which to dedicate oneself to true conviviality around wine. An evening with the right friends is the ideal context to appreciate the double value of the venue: cellar and cocktail bar. Here the choice of wines by the glass, from widely appreciated or even rare labels, allows everyone to rediscover the right sensitivity to spend a few moments together, in a modern symposium.

Those who love the frankness of tradition will be able to find an ideal place inOsteria Vineria, in which ancient flavors and typical cuisine dominate, accompanied - naturally - by the most suitable wines to appreciate it.