Use spices to give an extra touch to a cocktail

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Basil, tarragon, cardamom, cinnamon, mint, nutmeg, chilli and pepper. Spices abandon the kitchen and take over bar counters to enrich cocktails, long drinks and non-alcoholic drinks with flavour.

One more idea to amaze with cocktails

When you think of spices what comes to mind are steaming dishes, the mere scent of which immediately makes your mouth water. But precisely because of their aromatic and exotic characteristics, the use of spices could not remain confined to the kitchen and, thanks to their role in cocktails, they have earned a new name: today they are spices to drink. But in reality the idea of using them in bars is anything but innovative. Some of the more classic drinks, such asAlexander or the Brandy Egg Nog, contain nutmeg and cinnamon among their ingredients respectively. Grind, crush, grate or simply dip whole into glasses, each spice, expertly combined, brings a new taste to even the most traditional and famous cocktails. The watchword in this field is innovation. The desire to use spices and create new flavors rides the wave of that need for unusual, unique and particular combinations, which has also affected the world of Kitchen. And so off to new blends with a fragrant taste and a hint of the exotic.

Tips for best using spices in cocktails

Using spices is not something obvious or simple, it requires attention and a particular skill in mixing aromas in a workmanlike manner. The secret to using them best is to choose them fresh and in season, to have an intact and unaltered flavour. Less is better is the mantra to follow to create new spicy combinations. The first tip is to start by slowly adding small quantities to best balance the ingredients. Alcohol tends to enhance the flavor of spices and the risk of ending up with a drink in which there is a dominant flavour, which dominates and hides the others, is just around the corner.

Balancing is very important, especially when using chili peppers and hot spices. The addition of a sweet note, for example, can tone down a pungent taste, making it more pleasant and delicate, perfectly harmonious. Experimenting as much as possible is the key to the perfect success of a project spicy cocktail. A final tip is to use a fine mesh strainer to serve the drink. Some spices, in fact, can be perfect to enjoy with the cocktail, others can instead leave an unpleasant sensation on the palate.

Some particular combinations that will make your cocktails unique

When the world of spices meets the art of creating cocktails, the possibilities that arise are endless. Even the most classic drinks, with the addition of a lively and sparkling touch, can always be special. Like the great chefs, even the best bartenders like to create and invent new combinations. From these great masters it is possible to steal some ideas to start navigating spices and long drinks. Go on cocktail more classics to which you can add an extra touch is the simplest way to create something unique, tasty and special. A Daikiri with the scent of basil and pink pepper, as suggested by Luigi Castiglioni, a Mojito with ginger or a American with cardamom, star anise, pepper and cinnamon. Experimentation will lead to perfection and time will allow you to find perfect combinations and blends to serve your guests always new and particular drinks.