On why taverns never go out of fashion

Osteria al centro di Roma

There are places where you can breathe a relaxed atmosphere, places where a simple evening with friends becomes an event to remember, in which it feels like home. Places that are custodians of a tradition, which are an integral part of the city's history, because they have always been there, witnesses of the passing time, of changing fashions. Their charm lies precisely in their being immutable and in their being indifferent to fashions. These places are the taverns.

Within their walls there were celebrations, toasts and glasses raised by the arms of every generation. Because the tavern brings together young and old, a space open to conviviality where you always feel at ease, because taverns are always welcoming. Where you stop for a glass of wine, to have a chat, simply to meet up, to spend a few carefree hours.

At the tavern you feel surrounded by a family environment, even when you are away from home. It's a relaxing place, often a little dark to create a warm and enveloping atmosphere. They have one strong territorial identity because they are completely integrated into the areas in which they arise. They are the custodians and witnesses of the stories that have passed through those streets.

Here the dishes need no introduction. Uses tradition, the one our grandparents and great-grandparents found on their plates. You meet those tastes of the past, simple but tasty, which take care of substance and to quality. It is at home in taverns genuineness and, if you happen upon them once by chance, they immediately become places of your heart. Because they are sincere places, without pretentiousness.

But the heart of the taverns are the hosts, which contribute to giving it its identity by almost merging with the venue. Theirs is not simply a job, but a passion; for the good food, for the good wine and for the good company. For this reason they are often handed down from father to son, remaining faithful to the spirit that generated them and made them grow.

Historically refreshment point for travellers, today they are the point of reference for those looking for a genuine environment and typical dishes, which will never go out of fashion. Ancestors of restaurants, from which they have always maintained a certain distance, differentiating themselves and developing almost in parallel. It's custodians of the memory of territorial tradition, in which social relationships intersect and collect evidence of the gastronomic diversity that our country offers at a regional level.

In short, they are a piece of history of our country. Places to visit, to discover and to savor. For this reason we are proud of our tavern which evokes this ancient taste, rich in tradition and flavour, with a pinch of modernity. Come and discover our Osteria e let yourself be pampered by our food and our atmosphere.