Where are we going to eat tonight? The tavern always wins

taglio del prosciutto

The atmosphere of home. The pasta bubbling inside the pot, signaling that it is ready to be drained. That scent of old-time cooking. The tradition that marries the flavors of all time. There conviviality of the diners, chatting relaxed around a table. The real wine from the vineyards.

The tavern is a place dedicated to good eating and good living. Beyond the rush and artificiality of modern recipes. It is a place where you can enjoy genuine food and recipes that are reminiscent of family ones. A place where the supply chain is becoming increasingly shorter and it is the incessant relationship with producers, farmers and peasants that becomes the file rouge of a menu made to pamper and comfort.

A centuries-long tale

Italy, country of food. Country of the sun and taverns. Since wayfarers have existed, since traders have existed, Italy has seen the flourishing of taverns throughout the country. Along the streets, squares and meeting points. A few solid wood tables, good wine in the jugs and traditional cured meats and cheeses, accompanied by homemade bread. The taverns represented the moment of refreshment and rest, that of the bivouac, but also that of animated discussions and meetings between intellectuals.

Even today the tavern concept it doesn't differ much from what it has had in the past. Because it becomes the obligatory choice when you are looking for the territory and its ingredients, an intimate but also playful atmosphere, and direct cuisine without too many frills. The tavern always wins over places where the façade counts more than the substance. The tavern always wins in the face of indecision over the desire to try something different, because it is able to give the security of good food.

The tavern always wins when you are looking for authenticity of a chat over a glass of wine and a platter of ham and salami. Because what is really needed is to recover the slowness in savoring food and move away from the social formality to which we are accustomed today. It's finding again the pleasure of taking a bite out of life, starting from the simplest things.

In the our tavern, for example, you will find only those products that the earth and its cycle of seasons gives us. Typical products from the regions of Italy, but not only. The cheeses. Cold cuts. Fried foods made as they were once made hey first courses cooked with love and respect for tradition. The 'authentic first courses', such as Sunday ravioli, the soup that mixes the smells of the garden with the flavor of a winter memory and great classics of Roman cuisine.

A tavern that manages to draw a line of contact with the past, aided by historical context of central Rome, but also fitting into the idea of style and design of 'Gusto.