The Guanciale from the Antica Macelleria Falorni in Greve in Chianti, Rome

Guanciale per carbonara di qualità

There Tuscany, like many other regions in Italy, has been able to make the most of the resources of its territory, providing excellent products to our local gastronomy. An area of choice for the national food and wine culture, where small family-run businesses have continued to pass down, over the years, if not centuries, ancient production methods that still provide unique and particular specialties today.

The artisanal production of cured meats by the Falorni family

TO Greve in Chianti, in the province of Florence, one of these small companies isAntica Macelleria Falorni, from the 1806 engaged in artisanal production of cured meats and meats, according to traditional recipes and techniques handed down for nine generations.

The Falorni family uses only pigs reared in the wild, also directly bred by the same company, in whose processing the flavors of the territory are combined, such as aromatic herbs and good wine. These are the factors that characterize the quality and authenticity of Falorni cured meats, characterized by a very close link with the territory in which they are produced. Today the work of this butcher's shop has achieved notable goals, becoming a brand known nationally and internationally.

Among the specialties we find the pillow, called "gota" in Tuscan dialect, which in regional cuisine is offered as an appetizer, together with the typical Tuscan "sicco", unsalted bread.

A Tuscan bacon for the typical first courses of Rome and Lazio

The restaurant 'Gusto, in Rome, which has always selected the best regional Italian raw materials for its cuisine, has chosen this bacon to flavor the Roman first courses of thetomato and bacon and of bacon and egg.

Obtained from the pig's cheek, tanned with aromatic herbs that infuse a delicate and tasty aroma, and left to dry for two months in suitable rooms, the Falorni bacon has a fatty consistency particularly suitable for the preparation of the seasoning bases of the recipes of Taste.

A Tuscan specialty which in this cuisine is combined with other excellent Italian products, such as Piennolo del Vesuvio PDO cherry tomatoes, in the recipe for maccaroncini all'amatriciana, in which the flavor of the bacon is enlivened by the acidic note of these small but firm-fleshed tomatoes. An essential dish for those who are in the historic center of Rome and want to stop for a refreshment, for lunch or dinner, in the name of good traditional Italian cuisine.

Also for the spaghetti carbonara recipe 'Taste chose to use Tuscan bacon. Reiterating the bond that has always linked Lazio to the Tuscany region, also in the gastronomic field.