Sardinian fregola and the flavors of the sea

There fregola, or fregula, Sardinian it is a semolina pasta typical of the gastronomic tradition of Sardinia, little known and widespread. Its name comes from Latin ferculum, a term that means food course. A simple food made from toasted semolina grains, perfect for a rich and complete first course based on fish and shellfish.

The origins of fregola

Fregola has an ancient tradition and probably has points of contact with another typical product of the Mediterranean area, made with semolina flour, the cous cous, from which it differs due to the larger size of the grains.
Some evidence traces the production and export of fregola in the Mediterranean to the 10th century, but it is in a statute of the Millers of Tempio Pausania from the 14th century that the first written evidence can be found. Here, the days of the week that could be dedicated to its processing were indicated, precisely from Monday to Friday, because on Saturday and Sunday the available water had to be used for irrigating the fields.

How is the typical Sardinian fregola prepared?

There traditional preparation of fregola it is very simple and can also be practiced at home by following a few simple steps. First, pour the semolina flour in the desired quantity into a wide, deep container. By adding warm water and salt little by little (even with egg or saffron in some cases), the semolina should be rubbed lightly with the fingertips, with a circulatory movement, until grains of the right size are created. These are then toasted in the oven for about 15 minutes and the fregula is ready.

As for yours cooking, however, the procedure to follow is that of risotto, with the gradual addition of water or broth.

Despite the previously mentioned document from Tempio Pusania, the fregula is actually native to Campidano, the south-western region of Sardinia, where there is the largest plain in the entire region. It is not uncommon for here, during local festivals and folkloric events, there are demonstrations on the preparation of fregula, with the possibility of tasting it with various condiments, not only with seafood, but also with sausage gravy.

Where to eat Sardinian fregola in Rome

The kitchen of 'Taste, in the center of Rome, offers la on the menu seafood fregola with vegetables and bottarga. A truly rich first course in which two traditional Sardinian gastronomic specialties are found, fregola and bottarga. A dish in which the flavor and scent of the sea wins, ideal to eat, with the arrival of the warmer season, even at the outdoor tables under the porticoes of 'Gusto. Preferably, accompanied by a good glass of white wine, chosen from the offerings of the day.