Discovering meditation wines

ragazza legge un libro con un calice di vino roso da meditazione

THE meditation wines they are structured wines, mainly sweet, ideal for sipping even without any type of accompaniment. They are wines velvety, sugars And soft on the palate.
For those who want to combine them, they go well with cakes and desserts, as the most popular meditation wines are the sweet ones, such as the famous Passito di Pantelleria.

Specifically, these wines have a aroma and a marked flavour, difficult to confuse with other types of wine.
The elements that characterize meditation wines require more time to reach the palate and be appreciated, which is why it is usually recommended to sip them calmly and slowly, in order to perceive all the aromas that make up the wine. Meditation wines result warm to the taste and they have a relatively high level of alcohol, between 18 hey 20 degrees.

Below are some of the wines you can taste in ours restaurant a stone's throw from Piazza Navona, in Piazza S. Apollinare:

Aleatico Butuni

Among the meditation wines Lazio most appreciated and known. Appreciated for the type of its soil, of volcanic origin, and for the nine-month winemaking and fermentation process. At sight, it turns out clear and of a bright color. On the nose, floral and fruity aromas, with a clearly recognizable cherry smell. Upon tasting, you will clearly be able to perceive strong flavours aromaticity And freshness.
The acidic and sweet notes are perfectly balanced, therefore creating a simple wine to drink with a main protagonist, red fruit. We recommend - if you wish - to combine it with fruit salad, hazelnut tozzetti, jam tart and wine donuts.

Muffato of the Hall

If you are looking for a dessert wine, delicate and fine on the palate, then the Muffato della Sala is perfect. Umbrian. The grapes are harvested in the month of November, just when the bunches are covered by a particular type of mold, which - although it affects the skin of the grape - does not affect the health of the grapes.
Well, this one mold manages to reduce the water content inside the grapes, thus creating a complexity of unique flavors and aromas, especially due to the concentration of sugars.
At sight, this wine is evident gold, on the nose it smells of citrus fruits and yellow fruits; finally, the taste corresponds perfectly to the notes of smell, therefore creating a complete mix balanced and harmonious.

Moscato Rosa Rosathea

This wine Umbrian meditation is particularly famous thanks to its ruby red color, with purple reflections. Unmistakable black cherries, berries and rose petals on the nose.
The taste is particular velvety And Sweet: this characteristic is made even more unique by the freshness of the fruit. Ideal with desserts or chocolate.

The Passito of Pantelleria

This wine Sicilian for meditation is highly rated and well known thanks to its particularity golden yellow colour with amber reflections. It consists of a aromatic and fruity scent, reminiscent of ripe fruit and dried figs. But not only.
It is also possible to perceive various scents, including: dates, raisins, honey, myrtle and candied orange. These elements create a mix of unique and particular scents, especially thanks to the lightness sense of spiciness.
Instead, the palate will experience a creamy composition, combined with the sweet flavor of honey and jam with a hint of citrus notes. It is highly recommended to be enjoyed cold, therefore at a temperature ranging from 10 to 12 degrees.
Perfect with cakes, tarts or biscuits with an almond paste at the base. For those who prefer savory foods, even with spicy and blue cheeses.

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