A walk in the center of Rome. And a lunch at 'Gusto…

piazza di spagna roma

It's Sunday morning, the sun is shining and you woke up early but not too early to still feel sleepy. You have had breakfast calmly and now you are ready to go out to make the most of the day and enjoy some of the beauty of Rome with a slow and relaxed walk in the center. If you are planning your itinerary, we cannot help but advise you to stop by lunch at 'Gusto, our restaurant, which is located in one of the most evocative places in all of Rome. But in the meantime, wear comfortable shoes and be prepared. We take you to discover some of the most beautiful places in the historic center of Rome.

A visit to the Pincio and down via del Babuino

How about starting with a stroll through the greenery and a jaw-dropping view of Rome? We then go to Piazza del Popolo and after admiring it we go up the flights of side stairs to immediately arrive at the Pincio. Here in the park a relaxing walk is perfect among the elegant avenues adorned with busts, you can treat yourself to a coffee break in the nineteenth-century Valadier house and then look out from the terrace onto Piazzale Napoleone and be fascinated by the wonderful view that opens onto Piazza del Popolo, the Campo Marzio district and part of the Prati district. From here go down again towards Piazza del Popolo and continue along via del Babuino, to avoid the crowds on Via del Corso and discover one of the luxury shopping streets in Rome. But not only. This elegant street which has changed its name several times according to the Popes is in fact full of historic buildings and also allows you to stop to visit the Church of Sant'Atanasio dei Greci and obviously a passage to the Babuino fountain. A silenus that dominates the fountain and with such strange features that the Romans began to call him "er babuino", hence the name of the street.

Piazza di Spagna and surrounding areas up to Largo San Rocco

Via del Babuino connects Piazza del Popolo with the splendid Piazza di Spagna. Here the stop is obligatory on the very famous one baroque staircase of Trinità dei Monti dating back to the 18th century and often adorned with azaleas to make it even more beautiful. Going down the staircase we find ourselves in front of the Barcaccia fountain, also Baroque, built in the 1600s by Pietro Bernini on behalf of Pope Uban VIII Barberini. We then continue along another of the luxury streets of the historic Roman centre, via Condotti, up to via Tomacelli and we arrive at Largo San Rocco which takes its name from the homonym Church of San Rocco. This was built in 1499 to help those suffering from the plague, it was then rebuilt in 1657 so it has a baroque interior but has a neoclassical façade created by Giuseppe Valadier in the mid-nineteenth century. A masterpiece not too well known but not to be underestimated.

The Ara Pacis and the Mausoleum of Augustus

Hunger is starting to make itself felt and maybe you'll even start to smell some food scent coming from 'Gusto, a Piazza Augusto Imperatore, but the tour isn't over yet. Not much left. You can step back to the time of Augustus' imperial Rome with one visit to the Ara Pacis, the imposing altar between Via di Ripetta and the Lungotevere dedicated to the Pax Romana (or Pax Augustea) or the long period of peace, wealth and political stability given to the Empire by Augustus. Leave one of the many exhibitions organized until the afternoon and take a look at the Mausoleum of Augustus. The monument is undergoing restoration. A necessary recovery that will, we hope, give the monument all the glory it deserves.

Lunch at 'Gusto

After so many historical-artistic beauties, the time for lunch has arrived. You are a stone's throw from Piazza Augusto Imperatore so go and make yourself comfortable at "Gusto" and choose what to eat in a pleasant and hospitable setting that combines design and fun. You can eat inside the restaurant or outdoors under the Piacentini portico to continue the sunny day in the name of relaxation. What to order? Seafood or land dishes made with all the quality and care of ours chef Andrea Cecati, traditional Roman foods, pizzeria, fried delicacies and refined desserts. Accompany everything with a good wine and enjoy the day.